More than 3 million users’ data at risk, malware in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers

New Delhi: The malware-based Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome extension have been downloaded by nearly 3 million people. A report from Avast has revealed that they have identified 28 extensions on Chrome and Edge that were infected with malware.

Most users used these add-ons (browser extensions) to download photos, videos and other content from social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Sportify and Insurance. According to the report, the malware in the extension used to steal the privacy of users by redirecting them to advertisements or phishing sites.

Avast wrote in a block post that the company’s inventors have identified malice code in JavaScript based extensions in both Chrome and Edge. Infected extensions with this code would download more malware into users’ systems. Based on the number of downloads on Google and Microsoft’s Web Store, the researchers said that about 3 million people worldwide have been affected.

Many users have complained that the extension was manipulating their internet experience and taking them to another website. The researchers explained that when a user clicks on a link, the extension sends the link-linked information to the attacker’s control server, which can send the victim a command to redirect to a new hijet URL instead of the real link. He later wanted to visit a site that was redirected to the original. In this way, private information is stolen by infiltrating the privacy of the users.

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