Love to chat on WhatsApp? So learn these 5 tricks

New Delhi: Nowadays we are all using WhatsApp. WhatsApp is considered to be the simplest instant messaging application. Its operating system is quite simple and friendly. This is the reason why the craze of WhatsApp has increased everywhere from villages to cities. When it comes to work or chatting with friends, it is done on WhatsApp. Senior citizens are also using WhatsApp the most. Chatting on WhatsApp is a good timepass for them. But there are many people who do not know about the secret features other than the basic features of WhatsApp. Today we are going to tell you about the Top 5 WhatsApp Secret Features that you will find more fun in chatting.

1 – Hide profile picture – If you don’t want to show your profile photo to anyone, WhatsApp has this option. You have to open the privacy option by going to account settings. Here you have to go to the profile photo option and click on ‘None’. With this, your profile photo will not be visible to your contacts.

2 – How to remove group admin- If you are in a WhatsApp group and no group is happy with the admin, you can easily remove it from the admin. Apart from this you can also remove that person from the group. Press the person’s name for a while in the group information option. You will now see the option to remove as admin Azm. You can remove that person from the group.

3 – WhatsApp Payments – If you want to send money from your bank account through WhatsApp or link the bank account with WhatsApp, WhatsApp supports payments from many banks besides ICICI, SBI and HDFC Bank. You can connect your bank account with WhatsApp. But in this you need to beware of fraud.

4 – Who do you chat with the most on WhatsApp? If you want, you can easily find out who you are chatting with on WhatsApp. For this, you have to go to settings and click on data. Now you have to click on the storage access option. Here you will see the ranking of all contacts and groups. Here you will find all the information from sharing media files to chatting.

5 – How to Remove Recent Emoji – If you have a personal chat with someone and delete it. However, you need to be careful. In your latest emoji, you’ll find the emojis you use the most. To remove them, you choose the emoji to send and delete any contact. By doing this, the old emoji will be removed and you will see a new selected emoji.

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