London: Tiktok became a boon for a 22-year-old girl, find out how

London: There is a very old saying, science is a blessing and so is a curse. You all must have heard, you must have written an essay on this in school. The same is true in technology, if technology is used properly it is a blessing and if it is in the wrong hands it is a curse.

You may remember Tiktok, a company that makes short videos, a while back, before it was banned in India, almost all young people had a Tiktok app. It was later banned by the Indian government following allegations of pornography and data theft.

In India, Twitter was widely used for entertainment and art. But many countries of the world are also accustomed to this new information and other useful purposes.

For example, TickTock has proved to be a boon for 22-year-old Katie Cladon, who lives in England. Indeed, after watching Tiktok’s video, he found out that he was suffering from breast cancer. In fact, Katie watched a video on Tiktok that provided information about breast cancer. She felt something lump in her breast.

After this, he decided to seek medical advice. Katie, a communication assistant at Barnsley Hospital in South Yorkshire, showed her doctor that she had breast cancer. Katie says of the incident that when I watched the video and felt the lumps in my breasts I didn’t think it would be cancer. So I didn’t worry about it.

“I don’t know if women my age can get breast cancer,” he said. At the same time, the hospital treating Katie also says that having breast cancer at this age is very surprising. Katie’s family is very worried about her and especially her mother.

Katie says I received my investigation reports on mobile, I was with my mother and sister at the time. The family became emotional after they became aware of breast cancer. “I was already ready for this,” he said. Katie is very optimistic about her treatment. Katie says she needs chemotherapy. Katie is currently working from home. Along with this she is now also working to make girls aware about cancer.

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