Lifestyle Guru Claims His Long-Life Techniques Will Be as Popular as Cell Phones

A lifestyle guru who claims he is going to live until he is 180 suggested Monday his methods — skipping breakfast, intermittent fasting, cold cryotherapy treatments, and deep sleep — will soon be as popular as cell phones.

In an interview with the British ITV program “This Morning,” Dave Asprey, 47, restated his oft-made claim he will live to the year 2153 “at least” — and “everyone will have anti-aging.”

“Skipping breakfast is really important,” he told the program. “If you can learn the simple trick of intermittent fasting, what you find is that you have more energy that day, you start to lose weight and you start to feel better.

“The other thing you can do to live longer is have dinner early. If you have dinner just an hour earlier, it gives you one more hour when your body goes in and repairs itself. If you always have food in your stomach, your body’s digesting the food instead of repairing yourself.”

Asked what the quality of life would be like if he managed to make it to 180, he asserted he would not be the only old guy around.

“I don’t think I’ll be the only one doing that,” he said. “The things that I’m working to pioneer are now expensive, but some of them are free like fasting. But what’s going to happen is that this is going to become something like cell phones. Everyone has cell phones, everyone will have anti-aging.”

“You go back 30 years, very few people had cell phones. So, change can happen rapidly in society,” he said. “There will be many people who are under 40 right now who are walking around under their own power, perfectly happy, highly functional, will be more than 100 years old.

“It’s guaranteed, given the speed of progress.”

Asprey coined the term “biohacking” to describe his methods of turning back the biological clock, which also include having parts of his bone marrow removed, then have the stem cells injected back into his body for $25,000, the U.K.’s Daily Mail reported.

“I have probably have more stem cells than anybody else on the planet right now, where I’ve had my own stem cells taken out and reintroduced into my body,” Asprey told ITV.

“I set myself up to have much less inflammation than most people do, by controlling what I eat and how I sleep, and a lot of other anti-aging treatments.”

“When we’re young, we have a ton of stem cells and we heal like young people,” he added.

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