Learn how to hide the last scene in the telegram, privacy feature

New Delhi: Millions of users have been switching to other messaging apps since WhatsApp changed its privacy policy. Telegram app users like WhatsApp the most after WhatsApp. But other new users coming to Telegram from WhatsApp are also very aware of Telegram’s security and privacy features.

WhatsApp has a feature that you can hide the last scene. But if you want this feature in Telegram, then you can hide Last Scene in Telegram by following a few steps. After knowing this feature, when was the last time Telegram was opened or someone chatted… no one will know this status.

How to hide last scene in telegram:

– Open the Telegram application and go to the menu.

– After this, click on Telegram’s settings option.

– Go to Settings and click on Privacy and Security.

– After this, click on Last Scene and Online option.

In this, you will see the Last Scene Everybody, My Contact and None option.

If you want, you can click on the None option, then your online status will not be visible to anyone. No one will know about the status of your last scene.

– If you want to show your last scene to some people or select contacts, then you can choose those names from my contact.

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