Launch YouTube Shorts in India like TikTok, Learn Feature

New Delhi: TikTok may have been banned from India, but the trend of short videos is the same as the one started by the app. With Tiktok banned, many apps from Facebook and Insta want to take this place and now YouTube is also in the race.

YouTube has announced YouTube Shorts with a short video feature like TickTock. Initially the company is offering it in India. It is also being tested in India and you may have used this feature in a YouTube app.

The shorts feature is found in the main app of YouTube. Here, like the options, likes, comments and shares are provided. Under this feature, you can create a 15 second short video.

However, you can also mix multiple videos of 15 seconds – 15 seconds. It has a licensed music library that includes movies and background music. The company will benefit from this, as users will be able to use it without having to worry about licenses.

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