ISRO and MapMindia join hands to respond to Google, get navigation application

Online platformBut Google’s intention to change the map of any country will no longer work. Especially considering India. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and location and navigation services company MapMindia announced the indigenous service in association with Google Maps. The portal will show an accurate map of India, which will also accurately know the streets of millions of villages and thousands of cities in the country.

According to Rohan Verma, CEO and Executive Director, MapMindia, ISRO will provide satellite imagery and observation data. While Mapmy India will provide the same digitally. He described it as a milestone in the direction of a self-reliant India.

Verma said the people of India would no longer have to rely on a foreign company for maps, navigation and geo-spatial, village and city information and they would have an indigenous solution. In an article posted on the internet media platform LinkedIn, Verma said, “You don’t need Google Map / Earth. Both companies will also launch an application for navigation.

According to ISRO, CE Info Systems Pvt. Ltd., a company owned by the Space Department (ISRO comes under this) and Mapmy India, has been hired to provide the service. An understanding was reached between Thursday. Under the agreement, both companies will use their technology and skills to provide people with better navigation and local information. It will use portals called ‘Bhuvan’, ‘Vedaj’ and ‘Mosdak’ developed by ISRO. Bhuvan has a geographical knowledge of the country, Vedaz is an online geoprocessing platform with information for people of education and research. Information on ISRO’s weather mission at Mosdak.

MapMindia validates the map of India on behalf of the Government of India. He is aware of 7.5 lakh villages, houses and streets of more than 7,500 cities in the country. At the same time, the 63 lakh kilometer road network across the country is a detail. The portal provides information about about three destinations across the country.

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