Is there a fake app in your phone too? So this is how to identify real and fake applications

Google PlayOn the store you will find many apps in every way you can download that you need. These apps can be dangerous for you. Because downloading the wrong or fake application can hack your personal data. Through these fake apps, hackers put malic code in users’ phones so that they can easily get access to the user’s phone. Therefore, it is very important to avoid fake apps, and you need to identify real and fake apps. Here we are giving you information about some tips that you can use to identify real and fake applications.

DownloadLook carefully at the app before: AnyYou get many options when searching for an application. Sometimes choosing the right app can be a bit daunting. Look carefully at the icon or name in the application. Often the name of fake applications is messed up in spelling or icon. A letter of the name is often changed.

DownloadsNumber: app downloadDon’t forget to check the number of downloads before. Because the original app has been downloaded millions of times worldwide, while the download count of the fake app is very low. This is a great way to identify a real-fake app.

OnceYou download the appThe developer must then verify the developer. This is because fake app making often mimics the name of the developer of the real app. But real developer details are easily found, while fake developers do not show their details.

ReviewWill also help: realAnd read the app review to identify the fake app which will be very helpful. Review You’ll find it at the bottom of the Google Play Store. There will be some reviews that are telling the app right. But avoid downloading reviews that are either praising the app or calling them too negative.

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