Internet media plays an important role in making people non-social

None of thatThere is no doubt that all internet media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have given new dimensions to our expression. Of course, they have many advantages, but by taking advantage of this technique even some chaotic elements have tried to hurt the unity and integrity of the country by adding inflammatory material and they are constantly doing so.

The recent clashes between the two communities in Assam were reported on the internet media and the impact was also felt in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Chennai and Hyderabad. The existence of the way offensive photos and other content are being presented on the internet media has been questioned. Internet media today may be called social media, but on the contrary it is playing its role in making people antisocial, antisocial.

On the use of internet media many people say that people are using it to their advantage. The truth is that the inflammatory content on it is distracting people. It is the result of internet media that many rumors spread in the lockdown era were not late. When all the trains were closed and only Labor Special trains were running, it was often reported that the trains were running from the metropolitan railway stations to such destinations.

Often the internet media is broadcasting inflammatory material endangering the unity and integrity of the country. Sometimes such stuff also works to annoy people. Such content should be removed from the Internet media in a timely manner. Some, on the other hand, believe that Internet media control is playing with people’s rights of expression. They believe that this is the same medium that united the people against chaos and anarchy in all countries like Egypt and Libya and played a key role in overthrowing years of tension or totalitarian rule.

In India too, it was the internet media that led the anti-corruption movement under the leadership of Anna Hazare. So the government should not blame the failure of its intelligence agencies on the internet media. If offensive content is coming, the government should find a way to improve the quality of its content without affecting the rights of the people.

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