Scientists at Monash University in Australia developed the bionic eye after in-depth research. It will help people to get rid of blindness. His trial has begun. Preparations are now underway to implant it in the human brain. It is claimed to be the world’s first bionic eye. “We’ve developed a wireless transmitter chip that will fit the surface of the brain,” said Laurie, a professor in the university’s electrical and computer engineering department. We have named it ‘Bionic Eye’. It is fitted with a headgear with a camera that will monitor the movements around it and make direct contact with the brain. The size of this device is 9X9 millimeters. It has taken more than 10 years to make this eye. According to Professor Laurie, the bionic eye will help reduce human blindness. It can also be applied to a blind person from birth. The scientists demanded funds to sell the device. However, its scientists were paid one million dollars (about Rs 7.35 crore) last year.

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