Information about many people, including PM-NSA, cyber attack on National Information Center computers

New Delhi: A major revelation has come to light after the spying incident by China in the past. Many computers at the National Informatics Center (NIC) have been hacked by hackers. A special cell team of Delhi Police registered a case in the matter in early September.

In these computers of NIC, data related to Indian security, citizens, big VIP celebrities are available. This includes data from Prime Minister Modi to the National Security Advisor.

The attack was reportedly carried out by a firm in Bengaluru. NIC employees received a mail, which clicked a link to that mail, its data disappeared.

That being said, about 100 computers were targeted in this cyber attack. Some of them were from NIC and some were associated with the IT ministry.

Following this case, on the complaint of NIC, a special cell of Delhi Police has registered a case under the IT Act. The matter is still under investigation, but sources said the mail came from an American company in Bangalore. Whose information is obtained from the IP address.

Let me tell you that a report a few days ago claimed that some Chinese companies were keeping an eye on about ten thousand Indians. The data of many celebrities including Prime Minister, President, senior officials, Union Ministers, Chief Ministers, leaders, athletes, actors is being monitored. The Chinese company is recording all these activities.

The issue of the disclosure was raised in Parliament, after which the Foreign Ministry lodged a complaint at the Chinese Embassy. He has also formed a committee which is investigating the whole matter.

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