In the new controversy, Facebook was accused of spying on users

New Delhi: Facebook is constantly surrounded by controversy. Once again, a new controversy has arisen over Facebook. According to reports, Facebook has been accused of spying on Instagram users.

According to a Bloomberg report, an Instagram user from New Jersey has sued Facebook and accused the company of accessing Instagram users’ phone cameras without permission. When the camera is not even used by the user at that time. The company does this to collect data. Let me tell you that this lawsuit has been filed in federal court in San Francisco.

Let me tell you that the case relates to a July report this year, in which Facebook was accused of accessing the iPhone’s camera even though Facebook-owned Instagram was not in use. However, Facebook denied the allegation, saying it was due to an error in the app that allegedly misinformed users.

Facebook is embroiled in new controversies day by day. The case was filed against Facebook just last month. It was alleged that the company used facial recognition technology to improperly steal the biometric data of 100 million Instagram users.

The company also denied the allegations, saying that Instagram does not use any facial recognition technology.

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