If you use Whatsaap at work, know this special feature

New Delhi: WhatsApp is the most used smartphone. Especially now with personal chats and messages people also talk about business or business related conversations through WhatsApp. The use of WhatsApp has increased while working from home. Some people keep their WhatsApp app on 24 hours a day. In this case, WhatsApp has a feature, so you do not let your eyes run too much by constantly running WhatsApp. You can enable or disable dark mode by going to settings. After this feature, the black color of WhatsApp appears. Enabling Dark Mode will reduce the brightness of your WhatsApp screen, which reduces the pressure on the eyes.

How to turn on dark mode?

Go to WhatsApp in your phone and click on WhatsApp settings.
Go to the chat option in settings and the theme option will appear when you go to chats.
In the theme you will see two options, Light and Dark. From which, by clicking on Dark, your WhatsApp screen will go black i.e. in Dark mode.
By following these steps, you can also lighten the screen of WhatsApp in which the background light appears white.

To turn on dark mode even on WhatsApp tab, go to WhatsApp settings and then click on theme. Here you will see the option of light and dark in which you can enable dark mode by clicking on dark.

To turn on Dark Mode, first check that your phone has version 2.20.13 of WhatsApp downloaded. If it is not a version, download it. If you download the latest version of WhatsApp, go to the settings of this WhatsApp and make a chat backup so that your data is saved.

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