Hurricanes Could Be Named After Greek Alphabet Amid Busy Season

The organization that generates storm names in the Atlantic may have to start using the Greek alphabet in an extremely active hurricane season, reports Newsweek.

Wilfred is the final name on this year’s list, generated by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and just four names sit ahead of it.

One of the latest storms, Paulette, is the earliest “P” named storm to form in the Atlantic. The previous record-holder, Phillipe, developed on Sept. 17 in 2005. Tropical Storm Rene, which also formed Monday, broke the “R” record by more than 10 days.

Both Rene and Paulette are forecast to remain out over the Atlantic this week, according to meteorologists.

After Wilfred, the list starts over with the Greek Alphabet. This scenario played out in 2005 when the WMO went six names into the Greek Alphabet.

There are only 21 names on this year’s list as the WMO skips the letters Q, U, X, Y and Z.

The WMO on average only goes through 11 storm names throughout a hurricane season, which this year ends Nov. 30. The week starting Sept. 14 is expected to be the peak.   

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