HomeGround app HIKE shuts down as soon as signal arrives, no longer exists on Google Play Store

Hike CEO Kevin Bharti Mittal announced earlier this year that he would stop the hike forever. Instead the company is preparing to market some new products soon. Now the Hike messaging app has been officially shut down. After which it has been removed from Google Play Store or App Store and users will no longer be able to download it. But their data will be available for download in the app.

Hike CEO expressed regret

Hike CEO Kevin Bharti Mittal announced the closure of Hike via a post on Twitter, saying, “Now is the time for us to say goodbye to this addition. Thank you for your love, faith and support. The company has also asked users to contact us on this ID for any problem.

Signal and Telegra are becoming popular

Amid the ongoing controversy over WhatsApp’s privacy policy, users are now turning to Signal and Telegra apps. It’s hard to make your place for a homegrown app hike between these apps. Mittal also said that unless Western companies are banned, the increase and other Indian messaging telegrams and signals will not be countered.

Increase to bring new products

With the announcement of the closure of Hike, the company has also clarified that it is preparing to launch some of its new products in 2021. Rush and Vibe have been introduced. Rush is a gaming platform where users can enjoy carom and ludo. Vibe is a community platform and users must first apply to join the service.

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