Here’s how to give a group message on WhatsApp Personal reply, follow these simple steps

New Delhi: During the Corona period, people from all over the world connect with their friends, relatives and office people on Whatsapp. WhatsApp has introduced many work features in the past keeping in mind the needs of its users. You can chat with your friends by creating a group on WhatsApp. All can stay connected to each other. But sometimes there are people in the office or any other group on WhatsApp whose numbers are not saved in our phone. In that case, if we want to send them a personal message, we must first save their number. You can then message them. But today we’re going to tell you a simple trick that allows users to respond privately to any member of the group. Let us know what the trick is

IPhone users respond this way

– Go to your WhatsApp group chat first.
– Then tap and hold the message.
– Now click on the bloom from the right.
– After this, select the answer privately.
– Now the window you want to reply to will open with the group name and message.
After this, write and send the message.

How to respond to Android users

– First open WhatsApp and go to group chat.
Now long press on the message of the group you want to reply to.
– Now you have to go to the three points given on the right hand side.
– Click on the option to reply privately from the menu here.
– The message you are replying to will appear in the contact window.
After this, you type the message and press send.

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