Has WhatsApp become a habit? So first secure your account

New Delhi: Following the news of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy, many people have started using other messaging applications like Telegram and Signal. However, there are still many users who are using WhatsApp. Many users do not leave WhatsApp because of their data and its friendly features. In that case, if you are one of those users, you should first secure your WhatsApp account.

Let me tell you that WhatsApp has recently postponed its privacy policy update, now its date has been extended to May 15. But if you’re still worried about your privacy, then here are some WhatsApp settings that will keep your chats and data safe. Let us know

2-Step Verification – First of all, you must continue 2-Step Verification to secure your WhatsApp account. This gives your WhatsApp an extra level of security. After doing this, you will also need a 6-digit PIN to reset or test WhatsApp. This extra security level feature of WhatsApp comes in handy when the SIM is lost. For this you go to the settings of WhatsApp. Now go to Account Settings and enable it by going to 2-Step Verifications.

Put Password in WhatsApp Web – If you use WhatsApp Web, i.e. on a computer or laptop, WhatsApp runs, you can also apply security code for it. When opening the WhatsApp web on a computer or laptop, the QR code needs to be scanned. For this you will need to provide a password to scan the QR code.

WhatsApp Lock – You can also lock WhatsApp to secure your account. After this, you will need a fingerprint to open WhatsApp. If you want, you can also use Face-ID or Touch-ID for this. You have to go to WhatsApp settings to enable this setting. Now go to account settings and go to privacy. Now go to the given screenlock and enable it. Now you set the lock time. After which you want to lock your WhatsApp.

Profile Privacy – In WhatsApp, you can customize your profile, status and last scene. You have complete control over it in the phone. If you want, you can apply your profile picture to a niche or hide it from others. For this, you have to go to the privacy settings of WhatsApp settings and click on the profile picture. Here you will see only my contact option, all contacts or none. You can choose any of these options.

Group Privacy – Nowadays people join many groups on WhatsApp. Apart from this, many others also include you in their group. Often we don’t even want to be part of that group. In this case, you can also control the privacy of your group. With this, you can control who can be added to the group. For this, you need to enable group setting by going to WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

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