Group Video / Voice Calling on WhatsApp will be completely different than before, find out what has changed …

New Delhi: WhatsApp has launched a new feature ‘Joinable Call’ for its users. Under this feature, users can join ongoing group video calls and group voice calls. Often we call a group video / voice and the call is missed. The call member has to be asked to add himself again, but after the new feature arrives, the missed call user can connect through it. Apart from this, as long as the call is on, users can connect by dropping the call.

WhatsApp has also created a new call info screen so that users can see which people have been invited to make a call, who have not joined the call. With this, users will be able to see the active participants of the call right from the call info screen.

With the new feature of WhatsApp, the user will see the option to ‘tap to join’ on WhatsApp’s call log, so that users will be able to join even if they miss an ongoing call.

People who want to use this feature will first have to go to WhatsApp’s call log, and then join the call they want. This will open the call info screen. Then from here the user has to tap on ‘Join’ to enter the missed group call. For information, let me tell you that this will only work on an ongoing call.

How group calls are made

To initiate a video call on a group chat, the user must first open the WhatsApp group chat you want to talk to. If the group has 9 or more people, tap on the group call button, and if the group has 8 or fewer, you have to tap on the video call.

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