Google’s new plan is to make YouTube an online shopping destination

New Delhi: There are many channels on YouTube in which YouTubers show new products and say you can go to the link below to buy it, which is usually Amazon. With such videos in mind, Google has now begun testing new features related to shopping for YouTube. It is assumed that YouTube will be transformed into a one-stop shopping destination, where you will be able to view and purchase products in videos.

According to a Bloomberg report, YouTube has asked some of its creators to use the product tag in the video they are showing. The company is currently testing integration with Shopify, an e-commerce platform.

A YouTube spokesperson confirmed to Bloomberg that the website has begun testing some e-commerce features. During this time, producers will be given control over what product they want to show on their channel, but they cannot share product details.

Let me tell you that if YouTube has built its e-commerce platform and added it, then the company is looking to make a lot of money from the review videos you see on YouTube.

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