Google imposed Play Store tax, a decision taken after the Paytm controversy

New Delhi: Google’s Play Store has changed the rules for selling digital items. Indeed, now it has to be taxed. In addition, applications that sell digital content through the Play Store must use the Google Play billing system.

What the company said

Google said it already has a policy to use its billing system, but it needs to be clarified. Google official Purnima Kochikar said, “Recent events have shown us that it is very important to clarify policies and implement them uniformly. Every developer selling their digital content through Google Play must use Play Billing. ”

Let me tell you, the Google billing system charges 30 percent on payments made through the app. However, if the developer takes payment through its website, then it will not need pay billing. Kochikar said about 97 per cent of developers understand and follow the policy, though they did not name those who did not.

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