Google and Amazon fined .3 163 million in France, find out what’s the whole case

Paris: CNIL, France’s data privacy monitoring unit, has fined Google 100 million euros (.1 121 million) and Amazon 35 million euros (4. 42 million). Both have been fined for violating the country’s advertising cookie rules.

The National Commission I of Informatics and Liberty (CNIL) said in a statement that the French websites of both companies did not seek the prior approval of Internet users to read trackers and cookies for advertising purposes. These cookies and trackers are automatically saved on the person’s computer.

The statement said that even Google and Amazon failed to tell users how they would use these cookies for this work and how users could refuse them. According to the statement, changes were made to the companies’ websites in September, but they were inadequate under French rules.

Impact on 50 million users

According to CNIL, Google profited advertising revenue from data collected through cookies. Google’s work has affected about 500 million users. With this, CNIL has given both the companies three months to make changes. In this, these companies have to tell customers how their data has been used and how they can refuse cookies. Companies will be fined 100,000 euros each day for failing to do so within three months.

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