Good news! Many new features have been added to Skype, now you will also get active voice cancellation support

New Delhi: There is a lot of good news for Skype users of video chat and voice calling applications. Yes, the Active Voice Cancellation (ANC) feature has been added to this popular application from Microsoft, which has now doubled the enjoyment of video and voice calls. Microsoft Skype has many more features, which were very important to the users and they have been in demand for a long time. You can now take advantage of AI-enabled voice cancellation feature when chatting with Skype on your desktop as well as on the app. Let’s see what other features are associated with Skype including ASC?

Microsoft ran an preview version of Skype on the Windows desktop, showing a number of improvements as well as new features. For the first time, support for active voice cancellation will be seen in the Skype app. With this feature, you will not hear unnecessary noise while talking. In addition, you can enjoy video chatting or conferencing even in crowded places.

WAM support

With ANC, Microsoft Skype preview version is getting many new features and changes, including WAM support on Windows 10. With this help, you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of repeatedly entering Skype passwords and switch to multiple accounts. In Skype, participants are now given a button, so you can see who’s on the call. Top-level privacy class will also be viewed in Skype.

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