Find out why Pakistani gamers joined hands with the Indian Kashmiri PUBG team

New Delhi: PUBG (Pubji Game) is coming back to India soon. South Korea’s KRAFTON Inc., which owns PUBG, has announced that it will create a new game, PUBG Mobile India, to address security and privacy concerns. At the same time, a Kashmiri boy included Pakistani players in his squad for his team qualification in the PUBG Mobile Pro League.

Jayan Shafiq formed the team

Indeed two months ago, Stelwart Esports, a professional gaming outfit owned by 18-year-old Jayan Shafiq of Anantnag, placed India in the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia qualifier, but banned the popular mobile from September with an Indian company roster. Not being available to take part in the game, Shafiq reached out to members of the Pakistani champion team freestyle.

‘Integrates Border Divide’

Shafiq said, “When you are determined, nothing will stop you, not even sanctions. Divide by borders and disputes and join esports. ” “If I have the option to pick a player from a country with whom we do not have a good relationship, but if that player is really skilled and I know if he will be on my roster or not, he can do a miracle. Why not give? “

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