File an immediate treason case against Flipkart, find out why CAIT said so

New Delhi: Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) National General Secretary Praveen Khandelwal has demanded immediate action against Flipkart for treason. Flipkart, on its official Twitter handle, has described Nagaland as a part of India, which has caused a stir on social media. “They will take up the matter with Union Home Minister Amit Shah,” Kate said. Flipkart cannot be excused for deleting that tweet. It is an unforgivable crime to stay in India and call it a state outside the country. ” Against whom action should be taken under the law. ”

Khandelwal further said, “This statement is very shocking and unbelievable. By calling Nagaland “outside India”, Flipkart has not only insulted the sentiments of the people of Nagaland and the Northeast, but has hurt every Indian. Today Flipkart has described Nagaland as a part outside India, tomorrow they can also call Leh Ladakh a part outside India. Flipkart’s statement has challenged India’s sovereignty, which cannot be tolerated. ”

He said, “No apology can be accepted for such a serious and inaccurate statement that only an enemy can say. Because this statement is given from the official Twitter handle of Flipkart. It cannot therefore be taken as a matter of personal opinion. ”

What is the whole matter

A few days ago, Flipkart said in response to a customer in Nagaland why it was not delivering in the state. Flipkart’s official Twitter handle responded to the customer, saying, “Sorry for this. We appreciate your interest in shopping with us. However, we do not provide services outside India. ”

The Flipkart team apologized a day later after the tweet went viral on social media. On behalf of Flipkart, it was said, “We are very sorry for the mistake made inadvertently. We strive to ensure service across the country, including the regions of Nagaland. We are happy to join you and offer the currently available options. “

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