Fake video of Tiktok star husband’s death goes viral to increase followers!

A woman in Pakistan has done the wrong thing to increase followers on Tiktok. She has gone viral with false news of her husband’s death. The husband is already a Tiktok star. People are demanding to file a case against the woman after the reality came to light. The Tiktok star’s name is Adil Rajput. The name of Adil’s wife could not be confirmed. Her name in the Pakistani media is Farah Rajput and Hina Salim. Adil has 26 lakh followers on Tiktok. The bad news for Adil’s fans came on Tuesday morning, with his wife sharing a video of him crying, saying that Adil had died in a car accident. Soon Adil’s fans and relatives gathered outside his house.

The news spread like wildfire through social media. News of Adil’s death was announced in many mosques. The matter was escalating. That’s why Adil reached in front of the crowd from somewhere. Then the whole matter came up. People understood the truth. It was later learned that Adil’s wife had done such a drama to increase her husband’s followers. Last month, the Pakistani government banned China’s social media app Weibo, which was accused of promoting obscenity and crime. Now there is a demand to ban Tiktok and YouTube as well. Particularly religious parties are pushing the government to shut down the apps immediately.

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