Facebook users are friendly ..! Data of 61 lakh Indians leaked, sold on social media

Concerns have surfaced that data, including the numbers of 500 million users of the Granny social media platform, has been leaked. The data of these 500 million users has been leaked as well as sold in other cyber crime worlds.

According to the information received, the data of about 500 million users of the social media platform Facebook has been leaked and the leaked user data is said to be available for sale on the online platform. Phone numbers of Facebook users are being sold on Telegram via Bot.

According to the motherboard, the data of the leaked Facebook users is being sold on the Telegram boat. The biggest concern is that it also includes data from 61 Indian users. Security research’s Alon Gol shared the news on Twitter. He said in a tweet that a large number of Facebook users’ data was being sold to the cybercrime community, which could put people’s privacy at risk. Cyber ​​hackers use such data to defraud people online. This is the reason why people have to suffer the consequences for their safety.

According to the motherboard report, the mobile number linked to the Facebook account from the data is selling for around Rs 1,400 (20). According to a published news, other data has been priced in the same way. About 100 countries have leaked data of Facebook users out of which 61 lakh are Indian users.

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