Does your phone also have a clear sound? Clear speaker in this way

New Delhi: Mobile phones are the gadget we use the most these days. In such a situation, even the slightest problem in our phone puts us in trouble. Most people have a big problem with smartphones that the sound does not come properly or the sound is reduced. In such a situation, people think that something has gone wrong in the phone which cannot be remedied without service. But that is not the case. If you hear a low or clear sound while talking in a call on your phone, you can fix it at home with some simple tricks. In such a case, you must know about the tips and tricks of this task. Let us know how to clear the sound in your Android smartphone.

Check speaker or microphone-

If your phone is not sounding properly or the sound quality is low, check your phone’s microphone, earphones and speakers first. Often the noise is reduced because the phone’s speakers are dirty. The best way to clean them is to take a toothbrush super soft bristles. Now lightly clean the phone speaker. Often the quality of calling also deteriorates due to the phone cover. Case This cover blocks the sound waves. So take off the cover and talk.

Turn on high quality calling-

For better sound quality, turn on the HD voice or VoLTE feature of the smartphone. Nowadays this feature is built-in in many Android smartphones. Otherwise you can activate HD voice in the phone, it will be known that when you make a call, you will see HD dialog in the upper-right corner. Apart from this you can also turn on the advanced calling option in the phone. If your phone is older you can talk to your operator to turn on this feature.

Wi-Fi calling-

If your phone is low noise or cellular signal is weak due to network issues, then you can turn on Wi-Fi calling option in the phone. Wi-Fi calling has a very good and clear voice, although Wi-Fi calling has many echo problems. But it is better to choose the option of Wi-Fi calling in the phone than talking in a weak network.

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