CYBER FRAUD: If someone asks you to download an application to your mobile, beware, otherwise it will be your turn to lose capital.

Some people lose their capital due to temptations like download free app and get benefits. The merchant with Sabarmati received a call from an unknown number to turn on his old payment app and asked him to download an app. The merchant was downloading a free downloadable application and more than Rs 1 lakh was withdrawn from the account. The trader had lodged a complaint at the Sabarmati police station. According to information received, Ramesh Chaudhary, who lives near Sabarmati’s D-Cabin, trades in electrical equipment. Rameshbhai had recently used a mobile application to transfer money online. Which was connected to his bank account. But he deleted the application from the mobile. But he got a call and said, your payment application is closed. For which you don’t have to go anywhere. Just download a free app on mobile and all the old closed apps will start.

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