Credit cards and smart ways to pay bills, learn its benefits

New Delhi: In this hectic life, no one has enough time to go and deposit our electricity bill or other bills in the primary. In such a situation, life has become easier with smartpati. SmartPay is an automated feature available on your credit card, through which we can automatically pay our mobile postpaid, telecom, gas, water, electricity, insurance, rent, DTH. Let us know about the benefits of this.

Fixed date risk expires.

There is no charge for late payment.

You can get a prize through SmartPay.

You can set your payment limit on each bill.

Zero transaction fee.

Through this, you can receive payment schedule reminders and transaction alerts.

You can take the details of bill payment at any time on NetBanking.

Apart from this, if your credit card is upgraded, then the bills set on your smart pay will be transferred by hand.

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