Caution: The data of 3.25 lakh Indians is being sold on the web, which could cause huge losses

Facilities like internet, technology and e-payment are as good as they are bad. In today’s digital age you can be a victim of digital fraud. India’s cryptocurrency exchange-wallet by you coin has been hacked, claiming that sensitive data of 2.5 lakh users of the country has been leaked. According to a private cyber security research agency, details of Indian citizens have been leaked to the Dark Web.

According to the Cyber ​​Security Agency, the data of 252,000 users has been leaked after the Indian-based global cryptocurrency exchange and wallet YU coin was hacked. This data also includes KYC. This means that the records of PAN card, passport, bank details, user’s wallet details and deposit history have reached the hackers and this record has been taken out to sell in the dark web.

The agency claims that a six GB file of user data has been extracted for sale in the Dark Web, along with three backup files. Based on this data, users can be deceived by sending emails or messages. However, Bye U did not make any statement to anyone about this.

Another such incident of hacking happened with Pixler. From the free photo editor app Pixler, hackers have traced the numbers of 1.5 million users around the world. Data like name, email id, address has been snatched. The report claims that hackers made this data available for free in the Dark Web hacking forum. According to Blipping Computers, the plot was hatched by a group of hackers named ShinkiHunters. The agency advised Pixler users to change their passwords immediately.

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