Become the No. 1, this app to beat Whtsapp, Facebook and Signal

Mumbai: Online messaging app Whtsapp has been stripped of its privacy rules and stripped of the crown of the world’s most popular number-one. Currently there is no Whtsapp or Facebook and Signal No. 1 app. People’s distrust of Whtsapp is growing. So users have now turned to the Signal and Telegram option of Whtsapp in the messaging app.

Telegram topped the Google Play Store as the most downloaded non-gaming app in the world during January 2021. According to a report by digital consultancy firm Center Tower, the telegram was downloaded 630 million times in a single month worldwide. WhatsApp, a messaging app owned by Facebook, is widely used worldwide. But now the grandfathering has started using WhatsApp monopoly.

Whtsapp wants to introduce a new policy that puts users’ privacy at greater risk. WhatsApp-Facebook threatened to shut down WhatsApp for users who did not accept the policy. Since then, WhatsApp users have turned to other apps.

Although WhatsApp’s policy has been pushed back, Facebook-WhatsApp has lost people’s trust. Signal was the third most downloaded app. Tiktok was ranked second in the world, Facebook was ranked fourth and Whtsapp was ranked fifth.

This is a major achievement for Telegram, as Telegram was still the tenth most downloaded app in October 2020. India has made a big contribution in making Telegram number one. As 1.5 crore (24 per cent) of the total global downloads are recorded in India alone. Indonesia ranks second with 10 percent downloading. Telegram ranked first in the Play Store, while it was ranked fourth in the App Store. Apart from Telegram, the app signal, which requires the least amount of user data, has also become popular all over the world, including India. More than 100 instant loan apps have been removed by Google and a number of loan apps have exploded on the Google Play Store.

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