Are hackers watching your password? Learn easily with this trick

New Delhi: Cyber ​​crime is on the rise these days. Cybercriminals are trapping people in new ways. These criminals hack your bank accounts and make them your target. Hackers target not only your bank accounts but also social media accounts and emails. In such cases, you should change your password from time to time to avoid a cyber attack. When creating a password, choose a strong password so that hackers can’t easily target you. If you still have this question whether your password has been hacked or not. Are hackers monitoring your account? Nowadays it has become very easy to know.

Let me tell you that Google recently released a tool. This can lead to leaks, vulnerabilities or passwords in many accounts. You can find out by visiting and logging in to your account. There will be an option for password checkup here. Google will notify you as soon as you click on it.

Google will provide information based on saved passwords, how many of your passwords have been compromised, i.e. data leaked. With this, how many of your passwords have been reused and how many passwords are weak. By clicking on the compromised password, you will see the password logged in to your various websites. Here it will be known that at some point during the data leak, some of them have leaked and maybe in the future you may get caught in this crisis. Google also offers a change password option in this tool. By clicking here, you will be taken to the website whose password has been leaked, now you can change your password here.

Apart from Google, is also a website where you can learn about your password being hacked. For this, you have to enter your email here. As soon as you enter the email ID, you will know when and from which website your email ID has been hacked. How can you find out why your ID has been leaked? You can change your password here. Or you can enter a strong password after two-step verification.

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