Amid opposition to the new privacy policy, WhatsApp has now clarified the status quo

New Delhi: The instant messaging app WhatsApp has to be clarified again and again after facing global criticism over the new privacy policy. WhatsApp has now clarified the new privacy policy once again by setting the status. These statuses are visible to all WhatsApp users.

WhatsApp states in the states that it is committed to the privacy of its users and does not read or listen to personal conversions. This is end-to-end encryption. With this, it is said that you will not see your shared status and will not even share contacts with Facebook.

Controversy over data sharing with Facebook

Importantly, WhatsApp has recently changed a policy. Under the change, WhatsApp removed the “optout” option given to customers for Facebook’s data collection. That is, now WhatsApp users have no choice but to share data with Facebook. Users immediately figured out that its data would be shared with Facebook. The whole controversy started from here. WhatsApp later said its privacy setting is for business customers only.

New privacy policy extended to May 15

Following this, WhatsApp has extended the time of the new privacy policy for users to May 15, 2021. There was a lot of opposition from users to the new privacy policy, which led the company to suspend it for three months. The company says that in three months users will have a chance to understand it. According to the company, users’ accounts will not be suspended even after February 8.

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