Amazon has launched a new biometric payment system, now the payment system has become so simple

New Delhi: Amazon has shocked the world by launching a new biometric payment system. The name of this biometric payment system is Amazon One. All you have to do is touch the Amazon One scanner and the sensors in it will help you make any kind of payment. All types of contactless payments will be scanned by your hand. Amazon says the technology could also be used for access to offices and stadiums.

Amazon Vice President Dilip Kumar said, “This system will prove to be fast, safe and reliable for the people. Amazon only uses the palm for any type of payment. Once your hand is registered, you can pay only by showing your hand. ”

No card will be required for purchase

Dilip Kumar said, “Now you will not have to carry any type of card with you while shopping, you will be able to shop only by scanning your hands. The company says it is currently receiving feedback from customers about the new system. After which they will be trialled at two Amazon physical stores in Seattle.

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