ALERT: In the future, this particular type of pornographic movies may become ‘epidemic’

Three decades ago, people did not have internet, which was not the case with pornography. However, as the world grew, so did technology. At the same time the world of porn culture also evolved. Now a leading legal expert has claimed that deepfeck pornography could prove to be an epidemic of sexual harassment in the near future. But the DipFac technique is now being used in videos as well. Which can be harmful for many people in the future and especially for women. Deepfake is a technology in which any face can be placed on the body of any person using computer technique. And this technique is so effective that nowhere does it appear that someone else’s face has been used on another person’s body. Not long ago when Deepfake technology went viral in the market, many people felt that it could increase the number of fake news cases as any politician can go viral in any statement using his fake image. However, even before this, more dangerous aspects of this technology began to emerge.

Deepfax expert Henry Edder is following the development of this technology very closely. “Deepfax’s craze started around 2017,” he told the BBC. Someone sharing an open source software, this technique was made a little easier for the general public. He further said that while earlier DeepFax required complex visual effects and programming, now to some extent most people can do it but the results depend on the computer skills of any human being. He said it could be very abusive and needed to be taken seriously. Helen Mort, who lives in Sheffield, is a writer. She saw her deepfake pics on a porn website two years ago. These pictures have been on the internet since 2017. In a conversation with the BBC, Helen said she was shocked to see the pictures.

“As soon as I saw these pictures, I had an idea of ​​what I had done,” he said. Although I was not at fault, I was ashamed of myself. Hale was satisfied that no one had made a deepfake video using his face. He has deleted such photos but tampering with the photos is not yet considered a crime in England. Helen doesn’t know who tampered with her photos. McGlynn, a professor at the University of Durham, said in a statement that the number of victims of diphtheria is very low at present. But if we are completely careless with it, there could be big trouble in the future. He further said that if we do not control this technique and make efforts to change things then this could turn into an epidemic going forward. And it would not be wrong to call it an epidemic of exploitation.

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