ALERT: Government of India warns about downloading this application, check here

The Center has issued a warning on its Cyber ​​Awareness Twitter handle. In which users are warned to download an unknown Oximeter application from an unknown URL. That said, the app claims to check the level of oxygen in the body for users. It can be fake and steal personal data such as photos, contacts and other information from the phone. Users’ biometric information can also be stolen through this app.

Help monitor oxygen percentage

The Oximeter app checks the level of oxygen present in users’ blood and monitors their heart rate. In particular, the app helps users monitor the percentage of oxygen they breathe based on their height.

Reason for lowering the popularity of the Oximeter app

Oxygen levels are something that health officials have told people to monitor. Especially seeing the Corona virus epidemic. However, a dedicated oximeter device is available on the e-commerce website and in the market. Yet this advisory has led to a decline in the popularity of the Oximeter app. The Cyber ​​Dust Twitter handle is maintained by the Union Home Ministry and from time to time provides advice on any potential cyber threats.

Only e-wallet app download in smartphone

Earlier this month, account users were warned to download only e-wallet apps on their smartphones after authentication and verification. Which means, they have to be installed directly on Apple’s App Store and only from Google Play Store. Any e-wallet link received through SMS, email or social media platforms can be fraudulent and cannot be trusted.

Warning about attractive ads

On Monday, the users were warned about any attractive advertisements of discount coupons, cashback and festival coupons on social media through the UPI UPI app. This can lead to fraud and the person making such an offer monitors all users’ movements and money transfers. Later the rupee will flow out of his bank account without the user. He then finds out through his bank account that he has been cheated.

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