AC, TV, freezer, cooler will be more expensive now, find out the reason

New Delhi: Bad news for the common man. The price of electronic items used in the home is going to go up further. That is, the corona is going to put another burden on the pockets of those already in trouble. The lockdown has now been lifted in most states, according to media reports. After a long time the market is open. But the cost of industrial production is going to rise very fast. It is believed that due to the increase in heat, the demand for these products used at home is also going to increase.

Why prices are rising

Many factories in the country were shut down due to the lockdown. Because of this, many things were not produced. It also contains copper. Copper production was also shut down in the lockdown. Copper prices have already risen with the increase in demand. This is the reason why the prices of things like TVs, freezers, coolers, ACs are going to go up. All of these items have coils in which copper is used. Experts believe that large-scale copper use will increase in many things after the lockdown is removed. Due to this, its demand will continue to grow but copper production will be limited. When production decreases and demand increases, it will have a direct effect on price.

Copper is widely used in electronic goods

For those who think that copper is used in freeze, TV, it is important to know that more than half of the copper in the country is used only in electronic items. About 65% of the total copper is used in electronic goods. This is followed by 25 per cent in construction, 7 per cent in transport work and 3 per cent in other sectors. According to media reports, copper prices in China rose sharply after the lockdown opened. In such a scenario, copper prices in India are likely to rise.

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