A new feature has been updated on Telegram, now you can do this easily

New Delhi: With the news of WhatsApp’s security update, many people have uninstalled WhatsApp. Now people are leaving WhatsApp and using apps like Signal and Telegram. However, some people can’t leave WhatsApp just because they can’t get backups of their old chats and data. If you are unable to use Telegram for this reason, Telegram has released an update for this. Telegram has released this update on iOS.

Let us inform you that after the new update, users will now be able to easily import chats from WhatsApp and other apps. For this, you have to use Telegram’s transfer tool. Information about this tool is provided in the Telegram 7.4 update. Currently, this update has only been released for a limited number of users.

However, some users say that the migration tool is also available in Telegram’s new update 7.4.1, so that WhatsApp chat can be imported into Telegram. Now after the new update, other users of WhatsApp will also connect with Telegram. The company believes that this will lead to a huge increase in Telegram users.

This feature will benefit those who want to leave WhatsApp after WhatsApp’s privacy policy update. Migration information is provided in Telegram 7.4 version on iOS.

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