10 lakh jobs are coming in this state for IT people, find out what is the government’s plan

Karnataka DigitalThe Economy Mission (KDEM) will create 10 lakh jobs in the state by 2025. These jobs will be in the IT sector. This was stated by the Deputy Chief Minister of Karnataka Dr. C. N. In the electronic and IT-BT portfolio, Narayan said KDEM will create 10 lakh jobs by 2025, which will help Karnataka reach the target of 150 150 billion in IT exports. The Deputy Chief Minister was speaking at the inauguration of the office of the Karnataka Digital Economy Mission, which aims to increase the contribution to the digital economy by 30 per cent in GSDP and launch the ‘Beyond Bengaluru’ report.

He said the government would also focus on reducing rural-urban segmentation by improving connectivity, providing round-the-clock electricity and installing the necessary infrastructure to strengthen the digital economy in the hinterland of the state.

Narayan sought a bigger role for KDEM to revive the state’s economy. He said the government wants KDEM to be more industry-friendly and with that in mind it has approved a 51 per cent stake for industry associations, while it has a 49 per cent lower stake for itself.

According to EV Ramna Reddy, Additional Chief Secretary, Electronics, IT / BT, the IT sector contributes 25 per cent to GSDP, with only Bengaluru accounting for 98 per cent. He said a ‘Beyond Bengaluru’ project has also been launched to increase the share in other areas of the state.

According to officials, KDEM is based on a public-private partnership model where 51 per cent of industry entities like Nasscom, AssociationChambers of Commerce and Industry of India (ASOChem), India Electronics and Conductors Association (IESA) and Vision Group startups.

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