Wisconsin Poll: Biden Holds 7-Point Lead Among Likely Voters

President Donald Trump is lagging behind Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden by seven points in the latest poll of likely voters in Wisconsin from Emerson College and NewsNation.

Biden won over just over half of likely voters in the state, with only 5% undecided or voting for a third-party candidate.

  • 51% support Biden.
  • 44% back Trump.
  • 5% are undecided or voting for someone else.

A previous poll of the state from March showed Biden up by eight points at 54% to Trump’s 46%.

When asked how they planned to vote in the upcoming election, the most popular response was in-person, at 45%, followed by mail-in with 34%, and in-person early with 21%.

Most who plan to vote in-person on Election Day support Trump, 61% to Biden’s 32%, while most who plan to vote by mail back Biden, 78% to Trump’s 20%. Voters who plan to vote in person before Election Day are more split, with 49% intending to cast a ballot for Biden and 46% planning on voting for Trump.

Emerson College Polling Director Spencer Kimball noted that “while the electorate appears stable in Wisconsin, turnout will be the key, as Biden is looking to get his vote through the mail while Trump is looking to get his voters to the polls on Election Day.”

The poll surveyed 823 likely voters in Wisconsin from Sept. 6-8, 2020 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percentage points.

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