Wife Of Deceased Never-Trump Senator Who Passed Fake Russian Dossier To FBI, Endorses Joe Biden [VIDEO]

It’s no secret that Senator John McCain hated our president and did everything he could to harm him. It’s hard to forget the fact that the most outrageous thing McCain did was to pass the fake Russian dossier on President Trump to the FBI.

He claimed that it was “what any citizen should do”. Yes, McCain cast himself as an innocent and concerned citizen who was just doing what he should.

The one thing that McCain didn’t know is that the FBI already had a copy of the dossier that the Deep State and Democrats used in their coup attempt against President Trump.

100 Percent Fed Up – Now, the wife of the deceased Senator is seeking retribution against President Trump for exposing her husband, who failed miserably as a presidential candidate, by endorsing Democrat Joe Biden for President. Today, a 60-second ad was released by the Biden campaign showing the wife of the sour grapes John McCain using talking points from a discredited The Atlantic article that accused President Trump of making derogatory remarks about military veterans.

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In a 60-second spot created for the Biden campaign, Cindy McCain praised her late husband’s friendship with the cognitively challenged Joe Biden, saying it was “a friendship that you don’t see too often.”

“They always put their friendship and their country first,” McCain said of her war-mongering husband who frequently put himself first.


In April, John McCain’s never Trump daughter, Megan McCain, who is also a host on the radical leftist show “The View,” joined her co-hosts to defend Joe Biden and the accusation that he sexually assaulted Senate aid, Tara Reade and his record of groping women.

Host Whoopi Goldberg told her fellow co-hosts, “Joe is a hands-on kind of guy,” adding that the woman accusing him of sexual assault and sexual advances should have said something before. It should be noted that Whoopi and her co-hosts were giddy about Christine Ford’s 40-year-old sexual-assault allegation against Supreme Court Justice candidate Bret Kavanaugh.

“But it would have been nice if she turned to him and say, ‘You know what, I don’t really like this. Please don’t do this, Mr. Vice President. I’m not comfortable with this’…something because he’s standing right there,” she said.

He “loves people,” McCain said about Biden, ignoring the sexual assault and sexual advances accusations against him.

The McCain family’s defense of Joe Biden is nothing more than sour grapes over President Trump’s popularity. It doesn’t help that John McCain’s VP candidate Sarah Palin overshadowed him on the campaign trail or that he lost miserably to the former community organizer Barack Obama.

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