‘We Don’t Need You White Man,’ ‘We Have Our Own Press’

DC Black Lives Matter “protesters” were filmed harassing a livestreamer for the color of his skin.

The leftist militants claimed that they “have their own press” and that they did not want white men to film them as they caused a scene in public.

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The livestreamer, Kash Jackson, was called a “domestic terrorist” for filming the group, who was likely worried he would capture them committing crimes. The militants claimed that he was putting their lives in danger for filming their antics.

Black Lives Matter activists in Portland recently released a list of journalists who are friendly to their cause and won’t show the faces of members of the mob who are engaging in violence or other destruction.

“These so-called members of the press have agreed to a number of narrative shaping rules that help the rioters manage their public perception,” the Nationalist Review reports.

The terms these journalists have reportedly agreed to include only showing the militants in a “defensive position,” when they are responding to instead of inciting, violence. Their goal with this is to make sure that their media image and optics are sympathetic for the public.

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