Up Your Golf Game With This Smart Tracking System, On Sale Now!

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or you’re just hitting the green for the first time, there’s always a little room for improvement. And while a personal golf trainer would be ideal, it’s hardly practical. That’s why so many golfers are turning to the Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Game Tracking System, an automatic game tracking system that can turn any average golfer into a stellar player.

Compatible with both Android and iPhone, the Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Game Tracking System puts expert advice right at your fingertips, helping you improve your game each time you play. Simply stick the TAGS piece onto your club and it’ll automatically feed information to its accompanying app, allowing you to track your every putt and hit and see where you can improve.

Unlike other golfing gadgets out there, TAGS helps you improve your game based on real stats, not just guesses. Simply tap it before each shot, and the app will automatically track the exact distance and the specific club choice you made. The app can then provide intelligent club recommendations based on the distance to your target, playing history, elevation change, temperature, humidity, altitude, and wind.

Powered by the top-rated Golf Pad GPS Rangefinder and Scoring App, you can bet every prediction and stat is as accurate as possible. And it’s so advanced, you’ll be able to check your stats right on the course, in real-time, right on your phone as you play. The Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Game Tracking System comes with a whopping 15 lightweight TAGS, built to withstand wear and tear in your golf bag as well as insertion and removal in your various clubs.

Think the Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Game Tracking System sounds too good to be true? Based on its massive Kickstarter following and nearly perfect ratings it’s received on App Store and Google Play Store, this innovative system is completely legit and a must-have for any golfer hoping to improve their game.

“One of the best Kickstarter inventions for June.” – David Nield, MSN Money

“I’ve been using Golf Pad TAGS™ & am very pleased. I love the info they give me.”-Brad Huddle

Take your golfing skills up a notch or two with the Golf Pad TAGS Automatic Game Tracking System, now an extra 15% off when you use the code HOLIDAY20 at check-out, making it just $71.99.

Prices subject to change.

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