Trump to Jim Cramer: No Need to Apologize to Pelosi

President Donald Trump told CNBC’s Jim Cramer he didn’t have to apologize to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for calling her “crazy Nancy” during an interview.

In a Wednesday tweet, Trump told Cramer not to pander.

“Jim, you didn’t make a mistake,” Trump posted. “It’s true, and that’s why you said it. No pandering!”

On Tuesday, Cramer apologized for calling Pelosi “crazy Nancy” during an interview, saying he was trying to make a point about Washington intolerance that “fell flat.”

He was discussing coronavirus relief negotiations when he called her the nickname that Trump uses to describe the California lawmaker.

“What deal can we have, crazy Nancy?” he said during the interview

He then said he has “such reverence for the office I would never use that term” and that he was imitating the president.

When he was blasted on social media, he defended himself.

“I challenge anyone to listen to the interview and think I wasn’t imitating what the president says and how repulsive I find it,” he tweeted.

But later on his show “Mad Money,” he said it was stupid to make the comment.

“It was a tongue-in-cheek attempt to make a point about the harsh tone of negotiations in Washington,” he said. “But it fell completely flat and I apologize for that.”

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