Trump Personnel Office Considers Asking Appointees to Resign

The White House Presidential Personnel Office may ask close to all of its political appointees in the Trump administration to hand in provisional letters of resignation just before the election, according to sources in the senior administration, Politico reported.

After that, the personal office would pick which resignations to accept and which to turn down. That would help President Donald Trump to choose the best possible team in his next term should he win reelection.

Some of the appointees are angry that they will be left trying to figure out what to do next if the president loses reelection in November.

Johnny McEntee heads the personnel office and has looked to replace appointees who are deemed to be disloyal to Trump.

“It’s a rotten way to treat people who risked their own reputations and career paths to join the administration and have been working tirelessly to get the president over the finish line,” said one of the officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity so as to not publicly antagonize the White House.

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