Trump: Dems Using Mail-In Ballots to Promote Election Chaos

Democrats are promoting mail-in ballots because they want there to be chaos surrounding the election, President Donald Trump said Sunday on the Fox News program “Life, Liberty & Levin.”

Noting that he has no problem with absentee voting because it is a “solicited” form of receiving a ballot, Trump said many states are mailing out ballots unsolicited.

“When they just dump millions of ballots all over the country, it’s not going to work. It’s going to be a disaster. And they know it,” he said of Democratic Party state officials. “And we’re talking about many millions of ballots. It’s going to be mayhem. It’s going to be bedlam, and this is what they want.”

Trump also slammed governors touting the new measures in their states as “political hacks” who are trying to sway the election toward Democrat Joe Biden.

“Take a look at some of these governors that are in charge of the ballots — beyond partisan — in many cases political hacks,” Trump said, adding that “They know it doesn’t work, because there have been many races using this over the last 14, 15 months — and … the ballots are so mixed up.”

Trump gave examples of how mail-in voting has led to incidents of “missing” or fraudulent ballots.

“Now they have a new thing where they don’t want to verify signatures because that makes it easier … so you don’t have to verify a signature,” he said.

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