Trump Campaign Uses Fauci Footage in Campaign Ad

The campaign for President Donald Trump has been aired, which features the president talking about his recovery from coronavirus and using a cameo Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“I can’t imagine,” Fauci said in the ad, which uses a clip from a Fox News interview, “that anybody could be doing more.”

The ad also includes Trump is wearing a face mask.

“President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus, and so is America,” the ad’s narrator said, before praising the president’s coronavirus response. “Together we rose to meet the challenge, protecting our seniors, getting them life-saving drugs in record time, sparing no expense.”

“President Trump tackled the virus head-on as leaders should,” the ad continues, before featuring comments made by Fauci in late March.

The ad ends with Trump saying “don’t be afraid of COVID.”

“We’ll get through this together,” it says. “We’ll live carefully, but not afraid.”

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