Trump Campaign Targets Seniors in Multi-Million Dollar Ad Campaign

The Trump campaign will release ads aimed at seniors this week, defending the president’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and attacking Joe Biden on Social Security, Medicare, prescription drug costs, among other issues, in an attempt to shore up votes from the voting bloc that Trump carried in 2016 but has been losing ground on as election day nears.

Axios first reported on the multi-million dollar campaign.

Trump captured the senior vote by nearly 10 points in 2016, but a Wall Street Journal/NBC News national poll and a CNN survey showed Biden winning these voters by more than 20 points.

The ads have already been released in Florida, where Trump holds a slight edge over Biden among seniors, 50%-47%, according to a University of North Florida Public Opinion Research Lab poll.

One of the ads, titled “Carefully,” boasts Trump’s handling of the pandemic following his own recovery from the virus.

“President Trump is recovering from the coronavirus,” the ad narrator says. “And so is America. Together we rose to the challenge — protecting our seniors, getting them lifesaving drugs in record time, sparing no expense.”

The second ad, “Biden Plan,” alleges Biden will raise taxes for middle-class families and raise taxes on 82% of all Americans.

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