Trump Campaign Says Polls Skewed Toward Biden

Public opinion surveys show Democrat nominee Joe Biden with a large lead are hiding their methodologies to make it appear President Donald Trump is headed for a huge defeat, Trump campaign senior adviser Corey Lewandowski told reporters, The Hill reported Monday.

The analysis claims two-thirds of election polls released in recent weeks are not reliable, because they did not provide partisan make-up or crosstabs to explain how the surveys were conducted.

“This is how some pollsters are skewing the results,” Lewandowski said. “They don’t want their polls to face scrutiny, so they won’t give us the crosstabs or the partisan makeup of the polls, thereby skewing the results.”

Lewandowski insisted the campaign’s internal polls show a far different picture and that enthusiasm for Trump in battleground states is very real.

“Couple that with the endorsements this president is receiving from the law enforcement community, and the increase in the African American vote he’s going to receive this cycle, compared to where he was just four years ago, and it’s becoming mathematically almost impossible for Joe Biden to win this campaign,” Lewandowski added.

The Trump campaign has often referred to late in the 2016 race, when few experts gave Trump a real chance at winning the election, as proof these surveys are also not reliable, even though Biden’s lead is larger in the surveys than what it was for Hillary Clinton four years ago.

The Trump campaign also brought up another point about what it says are inaccuracies in the surveys, with Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien saying, “Voter registration trends [of Republicans in battleground states] are not being caught by pollsters right now. Whatever polling we see existing now in states, voter registration trends are simply not being reflected.”

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