Trump Campaign Ad to Feature on YouTube Homepage

The Trump campaign has bought a large ad on YouTube’s homepage just in time for his first debate on Tuesday night with Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

The prominent space on the social media platform has a video named ” See A Way Out,” which featured Black Trump supporter Gary Lamb talking about the “silent majority” that will propel Trump to a win in early November.

Another Trump campaign video on YouTube’s front page shows Biden being accused of looking to “surrender” to coronavirus by closing the country down and shuttering the economy.

The Trump campaign used the same ad-buying tactic during the first Democratic primary debate earlier this year. Viewers who rushed to YouTube to watch that live Democratic debate were treated to a $100,000 ad that asked supporters to text the president’s campaign.

It’s uncertain what the Trump campaign paid for Tuesday night’s YouTube ad.

“Across the entire day of the first debate, the Trump campaign has secured the most valuable piece of real estate on the Web,” Tim Murtaugh, a Trump campaign spokesperson, told The Hill.

“For such a big event in the most important election of our lifetime, this YouTube masthead takeover demonstrates the stark contrast between President Trump’s record of achievement, particularly for the Black community, versus Joe Biden’s record of empty rhetoric and failure throughout nearly half a century in office,” Murtaugh added.

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